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Despite our great care, it's possible we made a mistake in our magazines. If we find a mistake, we'll publish a correction at our website as soon as possible! 

We recommend to visit this page before making a pattern, just in case.

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Pattern piece 4 is not shown right on the pattern sheet. The right part can be downloaded here.


The number "2 Red" is at the wrong place on the pattern sheet. It belongs on the red lines left to "4A Blue" (pattern sheet positioned with the logo at the top left).


The sizes for the "cut to size" parts:
A: 70-75-80-85-90 x 55 cm.
B: 115-120-125-130-135 x 44 cm.


Part 12 has to be 10a and part 12a has to be 10b.


For the long dress you need 150-160 cm of fabric.


It is possible to lay the parts more economical at the fabric.
You can see the new fabric diagram here.


Part 3 (front yoke) is too long at the pattern sheet.
Shorten this part for the sizes 36-38-40-42-44 with 7,1-7,2-7,3-7,5-7,6 cm.

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